Thrifting Prototype

For this assignment I needed to use something old and combine that with my technology piece, which I chose circuit stickers. I decided to use an old shoe box and add the circuit stickers to the shoe box to create a diorama. In third grade, which I teach, students learn about animals and what they […]

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Maker Movement

For the first assignment in my next course at MSU I explored WeVideo; an editing tool. My task was remix a video/s and within my video talk about making and remixing in some way. I decided to talk about what making looks like for teachers. As a teacher I have the opportunity to encourage and […]

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Final Post

This will be the final post for my CEP 810 class and after this I move on to my next class. It is difficult to say how much this has changed my professional practices because this was my first course. I feel like I learned a lot of new things, but I’m still not confident […]

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PB&J Sandwich

For this assignment I had to have someone choose a bowl, a plate and a utensil from the kitchen without knowing what I needed it for. Then I choose a number; 1-5 from a hat, to decide what task I had to complete with the tools given to me. I was given a dinner plate, […]

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Last Souffle Making

Here is my final video on YouTube for my learning network project! I learned how to make a soufflé only using YouTube and internet help forums. In the video I decided to concentrate around the most crucial aspects of making a soufflé, which is making sure the whipped egg whites are at a consistency of […]

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21st Century Lesson Plan

In this lesson ( technology-lesson-plan ) I used Power Point to assess student learning of a concept we have been learning in the classroom. The current science lesson is all about animals and their basic needs and how that affects where they live and what they do. We have read lessons in the science text book, watched […]

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Baking Souffles

I have now made chocolate soufflés (yes, I decided to go with chocolate instead of traditional!) twice. What a difference between each time! The second time I already felt more confident and was able to do many of the steps much easier and from memory. I searched for many youtube videos to use for learning […]

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