Learning, Understanding and Conceptual Change Essay

In CEP 810 this week, I have been asked to write an essay that explores what I understand about learning, understanding, and conceptual change. The full essay can be found here Essay and is influenced by my reading this week of Bransford, Brown & Cocking’s (2000) How People Learn. To summarize, I define learning as simply gained knowledge or skills previously unknown. I talk about how prior knowledge from students effects how they learn and what that looks like in the classroom. Then I discuss how we can get students to be experts and how different they look from novices. Finally, I express my opinion on technology in the classroom. I hope you enjoy my thoughts. I welcome comments or reflections.


2 thoughts on “Learning, Understanding and Conceptual Change Essay

  1. Hi there,

    I thought you made some excellent points within your essay. When it comes to teaching, there is so much more to learning than just simply teaching material! I love how you brought up working in a high-poverty school and having to make sure you are creating a safe, warm, and welcoming environment before students can possibly even begin to learn the material. I couldn’t agree with that more, as I too, used to work in a high-poverty school district. I remember students sharing stories with me and wondering how on earth they could possibly learn anything that I am going to teach them with what is going on with their home-life. You mentioned that now that we have technology, it could transform students learning and our teaching if implemented the correct way. You then go on to state that your school is testing out a program, what program is this? How does it enhance learning for the students? I’d love to hear more about it!


    1. The program is called Lexia. The program is designed to find the gaps within each students’ language arts skills, so even my higher performing students could be doing lessons made for a Kindergarten because they missed those concepts. The students love the program so far and are excited when we work in it. There are also tons of resources for the teacher, so when a student still struggles with a concept they provide all the materials needed, which even includes a script, so an aide could pull a small group of kids to teach the skill. It is a practical and fun program! I wish they had one for math.


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