Networked Learning Project

For the networked learning project we need to pick one thing we have wanted to learn, but haven’t had the chance to. I have decided to learn how to make a traditional soufflé. I grew up baking with both my grandma and my mom, so I have natural baking skills that many others do not possess.  I have always wondered how far my skills in baking could take me. I have watched TV shows and movies where they discuss the soufflé and how difficult it is to make, so I have always connected a soufflé with higher level baking skills. Now I know there many dishes that are difficult to make, but there is something about the soufflé that intrigues me. Soufflés sound similar to the cookies I grew up baking, which my aunt tried numerous times and failed, due to the difficulty of making them. I want to see how my skills transfer over to a soufflé verses cookies. So far, I have viewed a few YouTube videos, but there is one in particular that I think will be the most helpful. The one I found talks about the science of making a soufflé and my mind works best when thinking about the science; my major is in science. It goes step by step of how do accomplish making a soufflé and what is happening in each step that is crucial for making sure the soufflé does not fall in on its self. There was one other YouTube video I liked as well, but the process they took to make a soufflé did not seem as challenging because of short cuts they took. I want to really challenge myself and make it as traditionally as possible to really test my abilities.


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