Baking Souffles

I have now made chocolate soufflés (yes, I decided to go with chocolate instead of traditional!) twice. What a difference between each time! The second time I already felt more confident and was able to do many of the steps much easier and from memory. I searched for many youtube videos to use for learning how to make a soufflé, but I found it difficult because each person had a different recipe and different ways of doing things. Once I chose the youtube video I liked best it was difficult to use other videos, so I really had to stick with the same video. The video I chose was . The reason I chose this video over the others was because he explained the science in what I was doing, which helped me learn and understand why I used certain techniques while baking. Also, I thought he was making the soufflé in the technical way, rather than taking short cuts, which other’s did in other videos. The one challenge using this video was there wasn’t a recipe to follow, so I had to re-watch many parts of the process which took a lot more time. When I made the soufflé the second time I didn’t even need his video, so the process took much less time. I certainly won’t remember the recipe forever, so I think it would be beneficial to keep the video bookmarked, but also write the recipe down on paper for future use.

The picture below shows the soufflé the first time I made them. They didn’t turn out visually as well and didn’t rise as much as they should. Also, the first time I used too much salt to coat the ramekins before adding the soufflé batter, which made the end result too salty. The second time making the souffle I was much more conscious of the amount of salt that I was using.


The picture below then shows the soufflé the second time I made them. They rose much more and tasted much better as well (both my fiancé and I felt this way). The second time around they were more visually appealing and more appetizing than the first time.


I feel like the difference of the rise in the soufflé from the first time to the second time was due to the mixing of the egg whites to make the whipped cream. In the following video  I show what the whipped cream should look like when it is just right. The first time I whipped the egg whites I went a little too long and the whipped cream was a bit too stiff, which I feel made the soufflé not rise as much.


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