Wunderlist Test

This week we had to try a tool that would help our productivity and “GTD” or “Getting Things Done”. I chose to try out Wunderlist. I use lists in everyday life and I have always enjoyed making lists for everything, so I figured using one online will be just as useful. Plus I can type faster than I can write and I won’t have to search in a pile of papers looking for the correct list.

At this point I am using it for work, but I love how there are folders that can go even further to organize my “to do” lists of work and home. One thing I liked about it is it allowed me to write notes or a sub-task to one particular task. There are a few tasks that are straight forward, but there are many tasks that have multi-steps or thoughts you want to add of how you want the task completed.  At this point I haven’t found anything I don’t like, but it is still new. Overall, I feel like I will use this tool for home and work and it will help me get things out of my head and to a place where I don’t have to worry about forgetting them. Now if only I can remember to put something on the list!


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