21st Century Lesson Plan

In this lesson ( technology-lesson-plan ) I used Power Point to assess student learning of a concept we have been learning in the classroom. The current science lesson is all about animals and their basic needs and how that affects where they live and what they do. We have read lessons in the science text book, watched fun videos of different animals and how their basic needs are met and have played games where they must figure out what animals need. It comes down to showing me what they have learned and apply that to a different animal. I also have not had a research project yet, so I decided to wrap that along with the concept of animal’s needs. Plus, the idea of getting students to start understanding not everything they see on the internet is real or good information. Within this project students must design and create their own Power Point based on the rubric I created and they get a chance to play around with technology that many have never seen before. They must also take what we have learned in class to search on websites to find the correct information that is clear and accurate and put it into a presentation in an organized way. I’m sure this will be a difficult task, but I’m up for the challenge. I feel like Power Point does a good job with this because I know in the past when I have made a presentation, Power Point has made the experience fun and exciting and I know myself, as a learner, enjoys playing around with Power Point and using it as  technology tool.  Knowing that I enjoy using it, I feel like my students will also enjoy using the program and it can become something that not only do they use it for this project, but they will get comfortable enough with it that they can include this in their personal “tool box” for future use.


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