Last Souffle Making

Here is my final video on YouTube for my learning network project! I learned how to make a soufflé only using YouTube and internet help forums. In the video I decided to concentrate around the most crucial aspects of making a soufflé, which is making sure the whipped egg whites are at a consistency of a stiff peak and the folding of this mixture into the chocolate mixture is done gently, which gives the soufflé its fluffy consistency.

When it comes to learning a new skill only using YouTube and help forums, I enjoyed parts of it and other parts I didn’t. The part I did like was the variety of videos on YouTube. I was able to have many choices of videos and find the one I really liked. On the other hand, for making a soufflé, that was also the downfall. Once I chose a video I couldn’t refer to other videos because each person did something different, used different ingredients or used different ratios of ingredients. Once I found the video I liked that was the one I had to stick with. I am sure with other skills I could use many different sources, but for the skill I chose it wasn’t possible. I have always gone to YouTube for ideas, but had never learned something new from it. I think it is practical for many skills, but for others it would need to be combined with other avenues, such as cook books or cooking websites. Overall, I think using YouTube to learn a new skill is practical and a fun way to learn. YouTube has so many options and videos to choose from that it almost has an endless supply of ideas and helpful tips for any skill you would want to learn. When it comes to internet help forums, I really don’t enjoy them. There are sometimes when someone responses with a helpful tip or idea, but it really depends on who took the time to write a response. You really don’t know who responded or even if they know what they are talking about. Personally I don’t see myself using them very often when it comes to learning a new skill unless I know they are an expert in the field. When it comes to my students I feel like I will encourage them to use YouTube as I would use it because of its practicality in learning new skills.


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