Final Post

This will be the final post for my CEP 810 class and after this I move on to my next class. It is difficult to say how much this has changed my professional practices because this was my first course. I feel like I learned a lot of new things, but I’m still not confident with the information. I haven’t had enough time with the new ideas, concepts and technologies to be comfortable enough to use them in my classroom. I am a fairly new teacher, with only 3 years under my belt; 3 years after this school year is complete. I am still in the struggles of being a new teacher just like any professional feels when being new into the field; to add the responsibilities of a Master program on top of all of that is more overwhelming than anything. I feel like I learned great tools to use in the classroom, but am still not ready to actually use them in the classroom. Because this was my first course I feel like it was a great start to my learning, but I have a long way to go before I am truly the “technology guru” that I want to be, so I may become a great asset to any school I work for.

Though this course was only my first I did start getting that feeling of being in the world of technology and realizing that my skills are well suited for this Master program. I will be challenged to the point of frustration, but will come out a much better teacher. I felt like I have only dipped my toes into this world at this point, but I will take the idea incorporating technology into my teaching that will not just help my students understand an idea, but to help my students better navigate in our world we live in now. I will also take away the idea of tools for myself to help me stay better organized as a teacher. I learned of so many tools that can help me not just teach more effectively, but be more effective for the “behind the scenes” part of teaching; whether that be planning, grading, communicating with teachers or administrators or just the everyday list of things to do.

In the end I feel excited to continue in this program to see where I go from here. I am hoping I will learn more about these tools and concepts to expand my knowledge, so I may become confident to incorporate them into my classroom.


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