Maker Movement

For the first assignment in my next course at MSU I explored WeVideo; an editing tool. My task was remix a video/s and within my video talk about making and remixing in some way. I decided to talk about what making looks like for teachers. As a teacher I have the opportunity to encourage and create the makers of tomorrow. Showing my students that making something new from something old can be fun, rewarding, frustrating and in the end beneficial for people in general, but can only be gotten by mistakes and continuously trying and retrying. In my video I found a great video that shows the different steps of creating makers, but then I added the teacher aspect to it by adding images that show what students would be doing in those steps. I feel like pictures can convey more emotions than words, so I wanted to show students in those moments that teachers love seeing; students engaged, having fun and not being afraid of mistakes. Each picture is a small moment that represents the ideal student in the “maker” mind frame and what that would look like if we walked into a teacher’s classroom and saw the students in that moment.

All sources have a Creative Commons License.


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