Thrifting Prototype

For this assignment I needed to use something old and combine that with my technology piece, which I chose circuit stickers. I decided to use an old shoe box and add the circuit stickers to the shoe box to create a diorama. In third grade, which I teach, students learn about animals and what they need to survive. This project would be at the end of the unit and the students would make a diorama on one animal of their choice. They would use the circuit stickers to put a sun in the sky, moon and stars in the sky or any other creative ways they come up with.

To start out I decided where I wanted my light to be in my box. I then poked a hole in the box where the light would need to shine through.


Next I needed to create my circuit that would control my sun light. To do this I needed a piece of paper, copper foil tape, one LED sticker (in your preferred color), one 3V coin cell battery and one small binder clip (as shown below). 20170326_151432

I started by drawing a dot where my light needed to be and then created my sketch of the circuit diagram that would work for the location of the light. As you can see from the picture below I included a spot for the battery  and left a small gap in the circuit, which I will explain in a moment.


Following the lines I drew I added the copper foil tape.


Then I added the LED light and the battery, which is being clipped in place with the binder clip. Other then the last gap, the circuit is complete.


I left a gap for a reason. The battery would run out very quickly if the light was left on all the time, so I designed the circuit to only come on when you push down on a certain point. The first step is placing a small strip of the copper foil tape directly below the gap.


Then you fold the paper up, making sure to align the strip with the gap, and when you push down on that spot the circuit is complete and the light turns on.


The last step is taping this wonderful circuit to the back of your box, making sure you place the light in the whole made earlier. Also, make sure to mark on the back where you need to press to get the light to work. I just wrote the word “push” to mark the spot.


The very last thing is a short video showing you this process. I go through step by step what I did and show a few things that aren’t shown in the video.

The images and video I added to my blog post add meaning/value by adding visuals. Reading information can only get someone so far, but when the reader can visually see the process which goes along with the writing, they will be more successful when using the ideas themselves.


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